Business Models

Web Versatile offers simple business models for delivering its best services across several categories of applications and businesses. We have designed two different models for our clients to choose according to their requirements and business demands.

Hire a dedicated developer

Hire a dedicated developer model is suited best for clients who want to manage their resources themselves and monitor the entire development process. This model allows you to choose your own single Developer or set up a Team of developers to work on your projects and manage their work remotely sitting at your own office / home. The choice of a dedicated developer would vary according to the skills and experience required for any type of project.

Our dedicated developers work independently on your projects under your management and report to you directly. For this model, cost is estimated according to the number of people hired and the cost per person on a monthly basis.

Benefits of dedicated single developer or team

  • Choose your own developer
  • Communicate with your developers directly
  • Project status on a daily basis
  • Flexibility to add or remove developers
  • Affordable rates

Fixed Price Model

A fixed price model entails a fixed price and time for the any project, as agreed upon by the client, once the project scope and project specifications are defined right from its beginning. The fixed price model is ideal for small and medium level projects where the scope is precise and definite and the specifications are chalked out upfront, detailed and clear. Fixed price model is usually preferred when the project is described comprehensively and defined right from its start to finish and hence the results are also more or less defined.

Every project in a fixed price model is treated differently in accordance with the efforts, time and resources it demands. To engage with us through a fixed price model, you may send us the complete brief of your project scope and project specifications and we will revert back to you with time-line and cost.

Benefits of a fixed price model

  • Cost optimization
  • Improved time management
  • Lower possibility of changes or modifications
  • Transparent communication
  • Regular updates on your project development
  • Timely delivery of the project